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In this week’s meeting of the Royal Order, I explore why fans disliked Little Gift Shop of Horrors and explain the difference between “Monster of the Week” episodes and “Mythology Episodes”! #GravityFalls

Good news, bad news, and AMAZING news, Brothers and Sisters. First the good news! I’ve recently clocked over 17,000 subscribers on YouTube! Although I may only shout out every time I clock another 1,000 - please know that I value and respect each new member that joins! YOU’RE ALL SPECIAL! EVEN YOU, BRITTANY!! (I don’t know if I have any followers named “Brittany” but I hope I just made a “Brittany“‘s day!)

And now For the bad news. Due to the “hell week” of reheaRsals I’vE haD (which have kEpt me fRom getting home until midnight every dAy since lasT Friday) I couldn’t produce a video in time for tOmorrow’s SecRet Society Saturday! I did try - I filmed something rough on my iPad in the subway as I made the 2 hour trek to rehearsal - but the crowds and ambient noise kind of wrecked it - so I’ve decided to shelve the video. (Perhaps I’ll release it as a goof sometime down the line, but there’s some big things happening - TOP SECRET things - and right now I can’t risk uploading a garbage-quality video as my primary upload this week. I hope to have more news soon - but since nothing is locked in, I can’t talk about it just yet!)

And finally the AMAZING news! I will finally be picking up my NEW COMPUTER next week!!! A laptop so I can stay mobile and produce more videos faster with state-of-the-art programs and computer chips and RAM disks and whatever nerd magic that makes it go fast! This new computer is mostly thanks to you, Members! From those who have picked up Membership Kits or Decoder Rings from the store - to those of you just tuning in for each meeting and joining the conversation, THANK YOU ALL. 

Again, sorry for the unexpected hiatus this week - but as Dead End Dummy (the show I’m in) launches this weekend, I should be able to get back on schedule with The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel! #gravityfalls  

Bad news/good news/bad news: The bad news is that my failed editing attempts corrupted the video files of the original shoot for the Creative Contest Winner’s Announcement. (BOO!) The good news is that I re-filmed the video last night! (HOORAY!) The bad news is that I probably won’t have a complete edit ready for a few days. (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) 

I really need a reliable computer for video work. 

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